Multi Champion Villagedogs Mystic Joe Black "Moos"

Dutch, German, Norwegian and International Champion


Villagedogs Mystic Joe Black

Our Moos is born at the " Villagedogs" kennel of Dorothy McGoldrick in Leuven, Belgium. A breeder who made name and fame in the international Rhodesian Ridgeback world.

Moos is like his brothers Teaser and Madison(living in the UK) an impressive male puppy from the Thanzi and Dice litter. Moos is a balanced dog with super bone. He is also an exeptionally good mover. Moos is a gentle dog who lives in harmony with another entire male, his friend Bram. He gets lots and lots of exercise on the beach, in the forrest and along the bike.

What started as "we want to visit a show with Moos now and than" succeed in a very impressive showlist with wonderfull far.....  

About Moos

MCh. Kangelani's Gentle Thanzi By Clay
MotherMCh. Ukukhanya Midsummernight's Dream
ColorRed Wheaten
TeethFull scissor bite/full dentition
Height69,5 cm
Weight49 kg
EOADHigh Confidence: Clear                  
Hemophilia BX Chromosomal recessive
Liver genBB
D locusDD 
Ridge genRR 
X-ray7 lumbar vertebrae 

Our Moos is available as studdog for suitable females.